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If you're a freelance professional looking for online coworking, peer feedback, coaching/mentorship, and accountability, we've got just what you need.

Membership is $10/month or $100/year

Being a freelancer is hard
Sooner or later, we all need a little help

community for freelancers

Let’s face it, running a “company of one” is challenging. You have to be the Head of Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, and Partnerships – all at the same time!

Freelancing can be stressful and lonely... and there are few reliable sources of guidance or support:

  • Blog articles and eBooks can be outdated or irrelevant.
  • Courses can be one-sided or limited in scope.
  • Conferences and coworking spaces are expensive and time-consuming.
  • Coaches and advisers aren’t always available and don’t have all the answers you need.

The web was missing a safe space where freelance professionals could go to learn through meaningful conversations with their peers, so we created Freelance Mastermind, the online professional development community we wish we had years ago.

Freelance Mastermind is a better alternative

vetted membership

Vetted Membership

Membership is capped and each new applicant is vetted by existing members to ensure quality discussion.

universal buy-in

Universal Buy-In

EVERY member, even the founder, pays an annual membership fee to give them skin in the game.

diverse perspectives

Diverse Perspectives

Our community is a diverse collection of all types of disciplines, experience levels, demographics, etc.

aligned expectations

Aligned Expectations

We all have businesses to run, but we commit to consistent activity and engagement for the greater good.

built-in accountability

Built-In Accountability

You can share commitments and get others to help you get past roadblocks and follow through on your goals.

freebies and bonuses

Freebies and Bonuses

Many of our members share early versions of their content and products with the community for free.

Benefits of being a member

Joining Freelance Mastermind comes with a price tag, but it also has its perks. Here’s everything you’ll receive when you join the community.

  • 24/7 access to a community with dedicated channels for accountability, tools & tech, referrals, and more.
  • A vibrant network that can amplify your reach for things like blog posts, product launches, or “for hire” announcements.
  • Intimate details of how others are running their business (violation of trust/discretion is a removable offense).
  • Direct feedback and coaching on your latest business idea or a difficult challenge / situation you’re facing.
  • First-hand recommendations for tools and resources that actually work – skip past the research and sales headaches.
  • Built-in accountability measures that let you share your goals and get others to help you hold yourself to them
  • Formal and informal group calls for feedback, coaching, or unwinding from a long work week
  • Discounted (or free) access to products and events created by other members in exchange for your feedback/support
  • Private workshops and presentations by expert consultants from both inside and outside of the community
  • Exclusive discounts on software, products, courses, and other resources to help you run your business effectively

and more as we dream them up...

make an investment

Make a confident investment in yourself and your business

We are looking for freelancers who have a shared commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. We have no need for spammers, leeches, or toxic personalities.

As a result, we have a strict review process that helps ensure that everyone gets a 10X return on their investment.

You can either be referred to us by a current member, or you can apply for membership below.

Just $10/month or $100/year

We charge this small fee to weed out tire kickers and spammers, cover our operating costs, and help maintain a high-quality moderated community. You can request a prorated refund at any time.

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